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Dartblaster get more and more popular. NERF, said to be named after the foam that off-road fans wrap around the roll-bars of their cars,is the most famous brand by Hasbro. In gamer terms, “to nerf” means debuffing certain weapons or abilities in a game. We aim for the other direction: We buff dartblasters for adults. It´s not a toy....

We offer components and replacement parts for your dartblaster that help improve its performance. A good example are stronger springs or improved plungers (esp. for NERF N-Strike Recon CS-6) that can replace the original parts as a “performance mod”, that allows you to get higher ranges, the plunger also makes your blaster more reliable and durable. While stand modifications (stretching of the spring, removal of air restrictors, compression of the spring) will only give you small boosts, our stronger springs will give you a remarkable increase in range. Electrical Blasters such as the Stampede ECS-60, the Dart Tag Swarmfire or flywheel blasters like the Rayven Cs-18 you can increase the Voltage to increase firing range and sometimes firing rate. Add a paintjob to turn your blaster into your personal work of art!

Even after these modifications your blaster is still safe for office battles, blasterwars and Live Action Role Play (End Time, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk...) since the original foam darts set the limit for all technical modifications. A short tutorial on how to mod your blaster is included with every tuning kit. Additionally we have our customer support forum on (note: the forum is in German). You can also find a lot of instructions and how-tos on the internet.

Aside from the coolest blasters by NERF, BuzzBee and Lanard we offer modding kits mostly for NERF, but also for other blasters. Our newest offer are the Hard & Tactical Range Series for NERF Elite Retaliator and Rampage with a strong 7kg (Retaliator) or 8kg (Rampage) spring and a specially developed Guiding Shell. We still offer our Aliens Ammo-Counter, that can turn blasters like the Longshot into the M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens 2...

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