Tek Recon

Tek Recon

Tek Recon: the new star at blaster-heaven

Tek Recon is a relatively new line of blasters that the Canadian manufacturer Tech4Kids has developed. The blasters differ from dart- and disc-blasters mainly by the projectiles they fire. Tek Recon uses small rubber grommets that are tensioned when priming and fired. These so-called NRG- Rounds provide plenty of advantages over darts or discs: the capacity of the blasters is multiple higher and the precision is significantly better at a comparable ranges. But Tek Recon also convinces by quality. The blasters feel worthy and the extra metallic finishes makes them look fantastic. The internal mechanism is made of metal, what gives the blasters a good weight. Moreover this is almost indestructible. The larger blaster of the released two models, the Havok, has a real Picatinny rail on which tactical accessories can be attached. Also the previously announced successor, the Predator, has such a rail. All Blaster have magazines and corresponding Refills are available, even for the Hammerhead, the smallest of the Tek Recon blasters. Finally Tek Recon has developed their own App for their blasters within a Kickstarter project that supports different game modes. So you can play “capture-the-flag”, “team-supremacy” and “last man standing”.

We from Blasterparts believe Tek Recon might be quite a worthy alternative to NERF concerning quality and gameplay. For this reason we will bring Tek Recon exclusively to Germany in 2014.

The App for apple or android is available here:

tek recon apple store Google-store

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Tek Recon is more than just a toy. The manufacturer Tech4Kids has built around these rubber grommets shooting blasters a complete game concept, which can be played in conjunction with a specially developed smartphone app together with your friends. We have described briefly what you need to play and how to start a game.

And this is how it works:

Optimally all players should have a smartphone. On this the free Tek-Recon-App must be installed. The app is available for both Apple and Android.



Once the app is installed you must create an account on www.tekrecon.com and log in once you received the confirmation mail.

When all players have an account you can start.

Start the app on your smartphone and log in.

After log in you are forwarded to the main menu.

Here you have the possibility to start a game (select Game), to look at the player stats (leaderboards) or select options with which you participate in the game (Armory).

One of you must now create a game.

In the next window you can choose whether you are playing alone (solo), want to create a game (create game) or participate in a game which someone else has created (join game).

If you have chosen "create game" you get to the next page where the type of game is selected. Four different gaming-modes are available: Training, Capture the Flag, isolation and Team Supremacy.

Capture the Flag is about to conquer a "flag" or take a position. The flag in this case is a QR code that can be read in with the smartphone. Simply move the phone on the code when you are at the flag. The printouts with the codes are provided with the battle pack.

Isolation means all against all. Who is the last has won. Team Supremacy is compareable, the team with the last person standing wins. For all game modes a time limit can be set.

After the corresponding game was created the participants must be assigned to the respective teams.

Simply choose the name and assign the appropriate team by pressing the arrow in the middle.

Then click on "create" and there you go.

Secure the smartphone using the supplied bracket on the blaster. There are various inserts for different sized smartphones. Make sure that the smartphone has a tight fit. It must not fall down while jumping and running.

There are several display modes. Simply wipe across the screen to switch between them. There is a night vision, infrared view and a monochrome view.

If you are connected via WiFi then you can use the "talk button" (bottom right) to chat with your teammates while playing.

Thanks to GPS other players appear on the radar (bottom left) when revealing their position by a shot.

At the moment there are two blasters of Tek Recon available: Havok and the Hammerhead. Both have a removable magazine and work semi-automatically, either by pressing the trigger or by moving the pump handle.

The projectiles are rubber grommets. These fly surprisingly far and accurately. Up to 10m straight ahead is not a problem.

Nevertheless you don't need to be afraid because the grommets are very light and therefore hardly hurt when they hit you.

Protection goggles should be worn for safety reasons anyway.

That's all. We wish you much fun in battling!