K&S Brass Tube 17/32'' KS 140

Brass tubing with Inch-dimensions by K&S Metals

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High-precision brass tube with inch-dimensions

Brass tubes by K&S Metals are great because the have very little factory tolerances and, what is more, their diametres are measured in inches. The different tubes (identifiable by the manufacturer's code KS139 to 142) nest inside each other and are so precise that each tube closes air-tight with the tube of one number higher. So KS140 seals tight inside a KS141 tube.

Perfect for Brass Breeches and other Nerf modification purposes

This makes K&S tubing the perfect material for air-tight breeches. A brass breech gives blasters that have already been upgraded with a modification spring another performance boost. For a classic breech (so-called Angel Breech), you need one tube of each size from KS139 to KS142. There are variants of the brass breech (Sleeper Breech) that only need two or three different tubes (KS141, 140 and 139).

Gives front-loaded blasters an extra kick

The KS140 brass tube is also ideal for front-loaded blasters and blasters that feature a built-in turret. Its outer diametre fits perfectly inside standard Nerf barrels and its inner diameter of 12,7mm makes foam darts fit tighter, so that pressure can build up more effectively, resulting in more power. Installing brass tubes inside Nerf barrels also is a good way of dealing with darts that slightly pop out of the barrel when the blaster is primed. We recommend using a rotary tube cutter to cut pieces of 2cm to insert into the standard barrel.

Details of the K&S brass tube KS140

  • Made in the USA
  • Low factory tolerances, nest inside each other to provide an air-tight seal
  • Ideal for Brass Breeches in foam dart blasters
  • Outer diametre: 13,49mm (17/32'')
  • Length: 30,48cm

Overview of the different K&S Brass tubes

K&S Number Diametre (mm) Diametre (Inch) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
139 12,70 1/2 0,36 304,8
140 13,49 17/32 0,36 304,8
141 14,29 9/16 0,36 304,8
142 15,08 19/32 0,36 304,8

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Additional Info

Additional Info

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