Milliput Sculpting Clay Standard Yellow-Grey, 113g

When it comes to shell modifications, integrations and more you can't do without the popular Epoxy putty by Milliput!

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Modeling and filling with Milliput

Milliput is a two-component epoxy putty, which is very popular in the aesthetical modification of blasters. The fields of application are diverse:

  • To fill gaps when integrating one blaster into another
  • For modeling hand grips or creating weld seams for post-apocalyptic optical mods
  • For joining elements together
  • For tamping unwanted recesses on the shell or closing details such as decorative screws
  • To close holes that occur when a blaster has been shortened

Kneading, troweling, drying

The use of Milliput is very easy. In the carton is a gray and a yellow sausage, from which two parts of the same quantity are cut off and kneaded until a continuous coloring is obtained and the mass becomes slightly warm.

Now the mass can be applied. Wood spatulas or toothpicks can help. To improve the adhesion, the surface of the blaster should be sanded beforehand and then cleaned from sanding dust.

If Milliput is slightly moistened, it is also possible to fill seams and cracks. Then the mass can be smoothed almost like a silicone plastering compound.

The good in milliput compared to other epoxy materials (such as repair sticks, etc.) is not only the better modelability, but also the very long processing time. So you can take your time with the trowelling and modeling without the knead drying under your hands. Nevertheless you should only knead as much mass as you need for your next step.

After the processing time, Milliput should be left to cure overnight, then it can be sanded, primered and painted.

When Milliput is used to connect two large parts, or parts with larger lever forces, the connection should be reinforced, as the connection may break (especially in the case of falls).

Since Milliput is an epoxy compound, skin contact can cause irritation and redness and sensitization to epoxides. We therefore recommend using gloves. In contrast to epoxy resins, however, no hazardous vapors are produced.

Details of the Milliput Modeling Clay Standard Yellow-Gray

  • Epoxy putty from Milliput
  • Versatile uses
  • Ideal for modeling, filling and gluing
  • Long processing time, should cure overnight
  • Easily spreadable with water

Attention: Wear suitable gloves. Not suitable for children. Read product description and manual before use.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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