Modification Kit for the Nerf N-Strike Hyperfire (Voltage Mod)

"Ludicrous speed" for the fastest blaster
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Not fast enough?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire is by nature a very strong blaster. There is no blaster on the market at the moment that has a comparably high rate of fire.

Of course no one has to be content with that performance. The rate of fire and shooting power can be even increased by turning up the voltage. In our tests our Voltage Mod made the Hyperfire empty its 25 Dart Magazine in less than 3 seconds.

Quick numbers of the Modification kit for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire:

  • Firing range increase: ~100%
  • Muzzle velocity increase: ~ 70%
  • Rate of fire: 9 darts/second
  • Difficulty level of installation: easy

Quick installation: Modding the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire can be this easy!

The batteries contained in the Modification Kit must be inserted into the also included adaptor shells with the positive pole first until they snap in place. Now the shelled batteries are put into the blaster's battery compartment just like normal D-cells and you are ready to go.

Hier findet ihr die Bedienungsanleitung.
Note: Blasterparts modification products are no toys. Not suitable for children! The installation of the mod kit causes a significant increase in performance. Do not aim at face or eyes of other people. This mod kit includes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion). Li-Ion cells must be charged with a suitable charger that is specifically approved for charging Li-Ion batteries. The offered modification kits are NOT products of the manufacturer of the mentioned blaster. There is no relationship to the manufacturer of the mentioned brand.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 10087
EAN 5305407326179
Manufacturer Blasterparts
Brand Blasterparts
Product Type Voltage Mod
Delivery Contents 3x Li-Ion 3,7V 800mA/h battery, 1xAA dummy, 4xAA->D adaptors, manual
Manufacturer: BLASTERPARTS
Type: Lithium-Ionen-Battteries**
Dimensions*:  50,5x14,5mm²
Voltage*:  3,7 V
Capacity: 700 mAh (min. 650 mAh)
Size:  14500 / Mignon / AA / LR6 / UM3
Weight*: 42 g

* Values for single battery.

** A special charger is required to charge this kind of battery.

No. of batteries: 3 pcs
Voltage: 14,8V
Adapter: 4x AA to D-cell
Weight: ca. 200 g

Equivalent Mass: n.n.

Range: 20 - 25 m

Minimum age [in years] 15


Customer Reviews (1)
Unfassbar schnell!
Ich habe das Voltage Mod zwar nicht für die Hyperfire gekauft, sondern das Set aus meiner verstorbenen Stampede.
Auch wie hier abgebildet, habe ich 3 Batterien und 1 Dummy genommen. Ich kann euch sagen 3x 25er 1x 35er Magazin in unter einer Minute Leer!
Super schnelles verschießen und auch die Reichweite wird großer.
Was ihr sein lassen solltet, ist aus nächster nähe auf jemand zu schießen das tut schon ganz ordentlich weh!!
Review by Jackassy (Posted on 6/23/2016)
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